Custom Made Cover Suit Barbeque Kitchen With Tap On Left


You have invested in an outdoor bbq kitchen with the sink however you want to keep it clean while protecting it from the elements. Until now there were 2 options available 1st pay a huge premium for the bbq manufactures generic cover usually in black shiny material or hire a local cover maker at great expense and then wait for them until they are next available. Now you can have a quality bbq cover that fits well, looks good and receive it sooner. Simply enter the exact measurements, select if you would like ties or elastic and we will handle the rest.

Measuring Guide
Pro Tip: 30cm Ties Are The Most Popular
Pro Tip: Elastic is standard On table top covers and oval,round daybed covers. Elastic can make fitting larger covers challenging
4 Weeks $0
3 Weeks $29
10 - 14 Days $209
  • For the best results simply enter in the exact measurements of your outdoor kitchen. You do not need to add any extra cm’s for the cover, this will occur automatically. 
  • Below where the measurements are entered a little green box will tell you the size of the cover will be made.
  • Prior to putting your order into production we will email you confirming the size ordered 
  • Measurement 3: is the total depth including including any protruding sections or control panel.
  • Measurement 4: is the gap between the back of the hood and back edge of the bbq.
  • Measurement 7: is tap/spout height,
  • Measurement 6: The distance from the tap to the end of the kitchen
  • Measurement 8: Measurement 8 is depth of the spout.
  • Measurement 9: is the hood height from the bench top.
  • Measurement 10: Measures from the left hand side of the bbq to the edge of the hood.
  • Measurement 11: Is the distance on the right hand side of the hood to the edge of the bench on right.
  • Note: Measurement 2 = Measurement 10 + Measurement 5 + Measurement 11


  • Stylish fabric exterior: Doesn’t look cheap like a tarpaulin or plasticky.
  • Designed to suit a freestanding outdoor kitchens ( not flush against the wall )
  • Includes elastic around the bbq hood and tie points on each corner of the cover to ensure it stays secured in the wind
  • Additional 2 tie points at either end to keep the cover taut.
  • Optional elastic around the base available upon request at time of order.
  • PU waterproof coating on underside: coating won’t be effected by the UV & elements.
  • Double folded & stitched seams: provide a premium clean finish while providing the best waterproof properties and durability.
  • Won’t crack like PVC, vinyl outdoor furniture covers
  • Solution dyed polyester for protection in harsh Australian conditions
  • Each cover includes a carry bag: A good place to store the cover when not in use.
  • Easy to move and fold: makes taking the cover on and off with ease.
  • Warranty covers excessive fading and waterproofing.
  • Custom Made: From time of finalising  your order the cover will be ready for delivery within 3 – 4 weeks
  • Choose from black or light grey

Please be careful when measuring your outdoor bbq kitchen and double check the measurement to ensure they are entered correctly as we do not offer change of mind/ cancellation  for incorrect size ordered.

Get The Perfect Cover

The Cover Company range includes a wide selection of ready made outdoor furniture covers. However we do realise that a generic ready made cover may not be suitable for all outdoor items your looking to protect. We offer bespoke custom made outdoor furniture covers that can be made to suit any size or shape furniture. We uniquely design them to your specific measurements and can even design the cover  based on a photo and measurements of your furniture.  The easiest and quickest way to get a custom made outdoor furniture cover is to find the shape or furniture type on the custom made section that looks nearest to the item you are looking to cover. Then enter the measurement of the furniture . There is no need to allow additional cm’s for the cover to be taken on or off as we will do this for you.

No Nonsense Covers Made Easy

Many stores selling outdoor covers will entice you with an attractive advertised price only to then try to up-sell you to a more expensive cover as the cover advertised is not durable or suitable . At The Cover Company  we make buying outdoor cover  simple by offering one  premium outdoor material.  After all why make buying an outdoor cover complex when it really doesn’t need to be. Whether you are buying covers for a lounge, chair, dining setting or covers for other items you can be assured we make premium outdoor covers that, look great, protect and last. If you would like any assistance with from how to measure to delivery we are here to help you find the perfect outdoor furniture cover for your needs.

Additional information

Tie Length

20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm

Add Inbuilt Elastic

Elastic Around Base, No Elastic Around Base